Anatomy of a Film


Collaboration, Interpretation, Analysis in Modern Horror


Group Composition:

This is an individual project.

Assignment Overview:

Use the designated portfolio software (Interfolio: to keep track of your academic and personal growth, as well as develop your future plans. After you’ve set up your portfolio, send the URL of your portfolio to me. I will post all the portfolios here. You must have completed a basic draft of your portfolio by October 6th! As I mentioned in class, if you do the portfolio and include your revisions as I ask, you will receive an A for this portion of your grad. If you don’t put the effort in, I cannot give you the A I want to give you.

Detailed Assignment:

Your portfolio will be composed online of your revised assignments for this class, as well as a working resume, a career path plan, a personal statement, a learning styles inventory, and your reflections on your identity as a student throughout the course, including the “midterm reflections.” You will have the opportunity to revise your portfolio throughout the term.

You may add any other professional information to your portfolio, but please remember that it is a portfolio not a personal website! Images should be appropriate, tone should be appropriate, and style should be appropriate. For a model, see my online portfolio at <>.

To learn how to create your account and set up the portfolio, watch this (soundless) 5-minute tutorial!

By October 6: Include in your portfolio at least the following pieces. To include these pieces, simply create a new page for each, identified by a specific title provided on the assignment page. You can then paste your documents in. REMEMBER TO PASTE YOUR PLAINTEXT DOCUMENTS IN WHEREVER POSSIBLE, AS THIS WILL MAKE REVISION EASIER.

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Course Description

This term, we will be learning the basics of film analysis through the popular genre of horror. The major course assignment is the creation of a collaborative film commentary track, supplemented by smaller assignments, both individual and group, intended to prepare you for the major assignment. Part of these assignments will involve the use of technology unfamiliar to you, research resources unfamiliar to you, and methods of analysis unfamiliar to you; therefore, another central component of this course is learning how to engage adaptively with new tools and contexts.
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