Anatomy of a Film


Collaboration, Interpretation, Analysis in Modern Horror

Sample Student Commentary Clips

These are first-year student commentary clips from George Washington University: Ginger Snaps and 28 Days Later. As you watch them, consider how they can help guide and shape your commentaries. Note the interpretive content of the commentaries, the use of the vocabulary of film analysis, the style of delivery, and the relationship between the narration to the film image.

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Course Description

This term, we will be learning the basics of film analysis through the popular genre of horror. The major course assignment is the creation of a collaborative film commentary track, supplemented by smaller assignments, both individual and group, intended to prepare you for the major assignment. Part of these assignments will involve the use of technology unfamiliar to you, research resources unfamiliar to you, and methods of analysis unfamiliar to you; therefore, another central component of this course is learning how to engage adaptively with new tools and contexts.